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Our Thoughts of You white spiked butterfly grave vase is a simple yet beautiful way to remember a beloved mum.


Fill with her favourite flowers or a single rose from each of her children.


This tasteful, graveside vase is smooth to the touch and features a butterfly design with beautiful words that read 'Forever in our hearts the most special mum we miss you always'.


Our vase can be used graveside or as a sweet memorial at home.


The vase makes a touching way to commemorate someone so dear in a graceful way.



- White weather resistant plastic

- Mum memorial sentiment

- Butterfly design

- Stake so you can secure in the earth

- Perfect for a bunch of fresh flowers

- A peaceful and beautiful way to remember a beloved mum

Mum Thoughts of You White Butterfly Memorial Spiked Graveside Vase

SKU: WDP/62679
  • Type: Spiked Graveside Vase

    Title: Mum

    Design: Butterfly

    Size: 31 x 11.5cm

    Colour: White

    Material: Plastic

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